Our CSR pillars include environment, health, sport, culture and education. We believe in giving back to the community. We are actively involved in a number of community based projects, as well as environmental campaigns.

Environmental and Social Management System

The Environmental and Social Management policy is an approved set of written guidelines that the Board of MFinance has put in place to further the company’s pledge “To Transform the Lives of the People.”

The policy aims to address the risks and possible adverse impacts of activities financed by MFinance to ensure that they do not result in unreasonable environmental and social harm.

Objectives of the Policy

  • This Environmental and Social Policy aims to outline how MFinance will ensure through its processes that businesses receiving financing:
  • Are environmentally and socially sustainable;
  • Are compatible with low and no-carbon economic development;
  • Respect human rights, including the rights of workers and the rights of affected communities;
  • Avoid negative impacts and if such impacts are unavoidable properly mitigate or compensate for the impacts;
  • Provide timely information regarding its activities to Business Affected People


  • Support and prioritize environmental and socially friendly businesses
  • Incorporate environmental and social best practices in our business processes
  • Disclose information to stakeholders about the management of environmental, social risks