It’s a Prepaid Visa card, that can be used locally and internationally to access your money or to make payments online.

It’s convenient, access to any VISA ATM, POS and you can also make online Purchases with the card.

The Cards are readily available in all our Branches, simply fill in the form and instantly walk away with a card

You must have been operating a traceable Business for at least a Year at the time of application

You must be Employed and a worker of any Government Institution and or a private institution who has a running MOU with us.

For Personal Loans, you can download a pre-approved form and submit it to our Customer Relationship officers in our Branches. For Business Loan, Please visit our Branches and speak to our dedicated Relationship officers who will guide you through the loan process.

You will not be charged or penalized for settling your loan early.

You can access a Personal and Business loan at the same time, however you cannot access two loans for the same purpose.

You can make your payments from any Branch that is easily accessible by you.

  • You can use any of the Following channels:
  • Complaints Register-in the branch
  • Customer service Hotline number
  • MDs WhatsApp Line

Personal Loans- within 2 hours of submissionBusiness Loans- 5-10 working days

On a case to case basis, we are able to off-set existing loans with other institutions and consolidate it to one running Loan with us

You will have notify your respective Branch and once the error is rectified, you will be paid out from the Branch.

  1. Getting fired.
  2. Getting retrenched
  3. Death
  4. In the case of a business – damage of stock