MFinance Mobile Banking is a platform that gives you all your traditional banking services conveniently packaged on your mobile device. It allows you to manage your bank accounts and perform transactions as you would in our branch, but with added flexibility and control, saving you time to focus on increasing your productivity. You can access our mobile platforms via USSD by dailing *318# or by downloading the Mobile App from Google play 

What can you do on mobile banking?

Bill Payments – Avoid the month-end queues and traffic by paying your bills conveniently:

P2P Transfers – send money quick and easy:

Add Beneficiaries – setup and maintain your payment recipients online

Manage Account – perform administrative tasks on your account


What do i need to get started?
The following are the necessary requirements to apply:

Bill Payments K 0.83
Airtime Purchases- K 0.84
Balance Enquiry –   FREE
Mini Statement –    K 0.74
P2P Funds Transfer- Free
PIN Change     – Free

Agency Banking Fees

K5 – K150


K151 – K300


K301 – K500


K501 – K1,000


K1,001 – K3,000


K3,001 – K5,000