The cost of continually buying new equipment and/or vehicles to meet changing and growing business needs can be difficult for small businesses (farmers inclusive). For this reason, MFinance has come up with the Asset Finance product that will benefit its clients in the following ways:

Less upfront cash outlay means that clients don’t need to make large cash payments for the purchase of equipment, thus enabling them to acquire assets for future use at today’s cost

The product will allow clients to have access to higher standards of equipment than what the business would afford if making outright payment using their own resources

Making smaller monthly repayments can help a business or individuals obtain a product that they would not generally be able to afford

Repayments can be structured in order to provide greater flexibility so that repayments can best accommodate the individual cash flow requirements of a specific business

With regard to balance sheet management; it allows for conservation of operating capital and it frees up working capital for inventory, expansion and other emergencies thereby allowing the business to focus on other growth areas.